Counseling Services in Pasadena, California

Elizabeth Mejia, LMFT, in Pasadena, California, specializes in a variety of counseling services to help you begin to heal. Contact us today to discuss tomorrow’s endless possibilities.

Couples Therapy

The purpose of couples therapy is to restore a better level of functioning in couples who experience relationship distress due to poor communication skills, incompatibility, environmental stressors, or psychological dysfunctions.

We also help couples identify the distress or stressor in the relationship and implement a treatment plan designed to improve or alleviate the present symptoms and restore the relationship to a better and healthier level of functioning.

Couple, Couples Therapy in Pasadena, CA

Adolescent / Developmental Issues

Many adolescents deal with emotional struggles that may include low self-esteem, family issues, depression, perfectionism, weight issues, ADHD, social issues, self-injury, sexual abuse, and substance abuse, as well as grief and loss. When not attended to, these issues can have a negative effect on an adolescent's sense of purpose and identity.

The therapeutic process assists the adolescent in developing a strong sense of identity rooted in honesty, compassion, self-responsibility, and respect. This is accomplished by assisting the adolescent with expressing and identifying their emotions, communicating needs, increasing self-confidence, defining values, establishing personal boundaries, and gaining other life skills. In addition, this sets the adolescent up for success academically, emotionally, and socially.

Individualized Parenting Sessions

Today, parents are faced with a diversity of ongoing challenges in raising their children. Individualized parenting sessions can assist you with the challenges that may bring you great uncertainty. Parenting skills training sessions can assist you in providing additional skills, improving your confidence in your parenting abilities, and strengthening your relationship with your young adult.

Chronic Illness

Our chronic illness counseling is therapy for individuals, couples, and families who are dealing with a chronic illness. Living with a chronic or life-threatening illness can be difficult for patients and their family members, often disrupting daily routines, taxing family resources, and creating marriage and family conflicts.

Patients and family members may experience anxiety, depression, or other psychological symptoms linked directly to the distress of dealing with the crisis of initial diagnosis. Therapy places a focus on reducing stress through the use of self-relaxation and other behavioral stress management techniques.

Cancer Support

We facilitate cancer support groups through the cancer support community. Some Cancer Support Community groups she works with are at the Benjamin Center, as well as in Pasadena.  See the most recent Univision TV Coverage -

Loss & Bereavement

Dealing with loss and bereavement is a personal and highly individual experience. How one grieves depends on many factors, including personality, coping strategies, life experiences, faith, and the nature of the loss.

The grieving process takes time. Healing happens gradually and can't be forced or hurried. The therapeutic process will assist with verbalizing the individual feelings behind the loss, as well as allow the grieving process to naturally unfold.

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